About Waldemar Jezler

Waldemar JezlerMr. Waldemar Jezler is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has held upper level management positions at several prominent international banks and founded his own successful companies. Jezler attended school in São Paulo, Brazil, at the University of São Paulo from 1971 to 1975, majoring in civil engineering. After graduation, Jezler enjoyed a lucrative management consultant position with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Jezler decided to step up his business career and ended up in Boston at Harvard University’s business school from 1977 to 1979 to obtain his MBA. Jezler was involved in a number of student activities and clubs that included serving as president of the Ibero American Club and as a member of both the Agribusiness Club and the Finance Club. Upon leaving Harvard, Waldemar Jezler returned to Brazil and worked in several business, in information technology, strategic planning and general management jobs before finding employment at Bank of America back in São Paulo. For most of the 1980s, he worked at Bank of America Brazil, serving as Assistant Vice President and eventually Vice President. In 1988, he decided to return once again to America, this time for good. For one year, between 1988 and 1989, Mr. Jezler served as Vice President of the First National Bank of Chicago in New York City. During that year, he was essentially responsible for trading with Brazil. Brazil had recently gone through a debt crisis and Mr. Jezler’s job was to trade Brazilian defaulted and restructured debt, specializing in debt conversion transactions involving trade and interbank lines of credit. By the time he left, he had generated more than $5 million worth of trading profits in a little over one year. Mr. Jezler left First Chicago and eventually formed Libra Capital LLC. Jezler focused on investments that were both high yielding and high quality. Jezler has been active in trading or structuring transactions in every Brazilian fixed income asset class since the debt crisis of the 80’s. In his spare time, Waldemar enjoys athletics such as tennis, squash, and skiing.


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