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Brazilian Supreme Court freezes assets of Chamber Speaker

October 23, 2015

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) ordered the remittance to Brazil of 2.5 million francs owned by Chamber of Deputies speaker Eduardo Cunha in a Swiss account. Minister Teori Zavascki ordered the funds to be deposited in court, accepting a request from the Attorney-General of the Republic. Mr. Cunha, his wife and daughter are under investigation after allegations that he received bribes related to Petrobras contracts. The STF also denied the speaker’s request for trial secrecy. The Attorney-General is considering measures to request the removal of the controversial speaker, elected at the beginning of the year and who has repeatedly challenged the government’s plans in Congress 10/23/15

Court Ruling Threatens to Hamper Brazilian Judge Sergio Moro’s Anticorruption Success

October 18, 2015
Federal Judge Sergio Moro spoke in São Paulo, Brazil, in late September.

RIO DE JANEIRO—A single federal judge has overseen the adjudication of Brazil’s vast corruption scandal involving state-run oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA, issuing a string of warrants and multiyear prison sentences against some of the country’s most powerful executives. (more…)

Land purchase by foreigners returns to the agenda

October 16, 2015

After Congress rejected an amendment in August that allowed foreign companies with operations in Brazil to purchase land in the country with fewer legal restrictions than the current ones, the farm caucus has begun to bet on a broader bill, which is already facing big resistance from the government and the ruling Workers’ Party (PT). But the farm representatives have the support of Agriculture Minister Kátia Abreu, who is open to some easing in order to get government support to the proposal. (more…)

Impeachment Decision Delayed as Brazil Legal Debate Heats Up

October 13, 2015

Brazil’s lower house chief suspended a decision whether to start impeachment proceedings as the Supreme Court questioned his guidelines for ousting a president. (more…)