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Rousseff and Neves diverge on solutions to get economy back on track

October 6, 2014

The two candidates that will compete for the presidency in the second round don’t converge in their diagnosis of the ills of the economy. For re-election candidate President Dilma Rousseff (Workers’ Party, PT), the main problem that undermined the country’s growth, leading it to the recession, was the rich countries’ economic fragility. She has recently stated that the government did not need to promote a “deep” fiscal adjustment and believed that Brazil is ready for a new development cycle.

To Aécio Neves (Brazilian Social Democracy Party, PSDB) in contrast, the country is condemned to mediocre growth, high inflation and at the brink of a fiscal crisis, unable to move forward in the improvement of economic and social indicators in the medium term, if nothing is done immediately.  (more…)